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A fair allocation of risk between a contactor and owner during a construction project has always been advocated by AGC. We have endorsed a product that enables contractors and owners to better understand their roles, responsibilities and liabilities before signing a contract…ConsensusDocs.

ConsensusDocs is a secure web-based program that provides instant access to over 100 industry-accepted standard form contracts. Developed by a coalition of 40+ leading industry associations representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers and sureties, ConsensusDocs emphasizes direct communications, and lays out a clear path to facilitate timely resolution of issues before they escalate into delays or expensive claims. All parties benefit from less misunderstandings, miscommunications, unnecessary meetings, delays, and disruptions.

ConsensusDocs provides an industry-standard that facilitates project success and future business. Here are a few of its advantages:

  • Saves time and money by providing a better contractual foundation to build.
  • Written in plain English, instead of legalese.
  • Encourages direct and positive communications.
  • Addresses essential legal and insurance issues.
  • 24/7 Access – access your documents anytime from anywhere via its new cloud based system
  • Easy to edit Microsoft Word format
  • Easy to Collaborate – invite anyone to collaborate on contracts for free

    ConsensusDocs are available at The registration process is simple, and members of AGC San Diego receive a 20% discount by using Discount Code AGC100.

It is recommended that contractors have ConsensusDocs contracts reviewed by legal and insurance professionals for project and California-specific issues.