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June 3, 2014 Election Results

Statements Made on Election Night...Voters Support Infrastructure and Oppose School District Shenanigans!
By Brad Barnum, Vice President Government Relations
Although voter turn-out was minimal for the June 3 Primary Election, voters spoke loud and clear on a few of the candidates and issues closely watched by AGC. It was clear that leadership around infrastructure investment played a large role at the ballot box!
City of San Diego - Council Districts 2 and 6
Voters in Districts 2 and 6 were inundated by campaign literature, phone calls, yard signs, and precinct walkers for the past several months, but in the end, they were decisive:

  • Lorie Zapf, who now represents City Council District 6, but ran in District 2 because of redistricting, received 53.25% of the vote, while her main opponent, labor-backed candidate Sarah Boot, received 38.37%. Since Zapf received over 50% of the vote she will not have to face a run-off election. Congrats!
  • Chris Cate nearly missed avoiding a run-off in District 6, and will face Carol Kim (another labor-backed candidate) in November. An impressive Primary victory for Cate, as he received 47.39% to 31.38% for Kim. Congrats!

City of San Diego - Propositions B and C, Barrio Logan Community Plan

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the City Council's plan to provide for a new Barrio Logan Community Plan and to rezone industrial land next to the shipyards. The military plays a vital role in San Diego's economy, and the two ballot measures threatened San Diego's historic shipyards and jeopardized thousands of jobs.

Coronado Unified School District - Proposition E, $29 Million Construction Bond

When 58.4% of voters reject a local school bond measure something must be wrong, and in this case, the Coronado Unified School District Board was wrong...and the AGC was right! The Board's attempt to approve a $29 million bond in order to "free up general fund dollars" didn't fool anyone. Maybe next time they will have a ballot a measure that will pay for needed capital projects, not for the repair of a washer and dryer in the gymnasium, among other repair and maintenance projects!

State of California - Proposition 41, $600 Million Veterans Housing Bond

Now, here is a bond measure that will be used for needed construction...affordable multifamily supportive housing to relieve homelessness, affordable transitional and rental housing, or related facilities for veterans and their families. 65.3% of California voters agreed!

The 2014 Primary voters in San Diego County "got it right" with each of these candidates and measures...let's hope they do it again in the General Election on November 4th!

Contact Brad Barnum, Vice President Government Relations, for more information at (858) 558-7444 ext. 103.