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Annually, AGC's Build and Serve Committee organizes one of the largest blood drives in San Diego County.


TOTAL PINTS (since 2011): 3,938


Join us for the Construction Industry-wide Summer Blood Drive this July 12-16, 2021! Help save lives - make an appointment to donate today! 

Monday, July 12

Sherwood Mechanical (Sorrento Valley) - 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Tuesday, July 13
Dynalectric (Kearny Mesa) - 6:00 am -12:00 pm
Condon-Johnson & Associates (Lemon Grove) - 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Sundt (Mission Valley) - 8:00 am - 1:30 pm
Erickson-Hall Construction - (Riverside via Life Stream)

Wednesday, July 14
Acme Safety & Supply Corp. (National City) - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Countywide Mechanical (Employees only drive)
Erickson-Hall Construction (Garden Grove) - 7:30 am - 1 pm
C.W. Driver (Mission Valley) - 9 am - 3 pm
Hawthorne Cat (Rancho Bernardo) - 9 am - 2 pm

Thursday, July 15
Balfour Beatty (Mira Mesa/ Scripps Ranch) - 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Erickson-Hall Construction (Escondido) - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
TC Construction (Santee) - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Swinerton (Rancho Bernardo) - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Friday, July 16
AGC San Diego (Lakeside Office) - 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


AGC Blood Drive a Huge Success During a Critical Time

The AGC Build & Serve Charitable Alliance coordinates a construction industry-wide blood drive each summer, and this year, while we are currently experiencing a pandemic, it was even more critical than ever to move forward with our Blood Drive. This year, all drives were by appointment only, and the San Diego Blood Bank took all the necessary precautions and protocols to ensure a safe environment for its donors.

Well...thanks to all the generous blood donors, and our AGC member hosts...we collected 515 pints (includes Riverside). Currently, AGC is in the #1 spot for all Blood Drives in San Diego County:
493 = AGC
468 = Sharp
360 = Padres
205 = UCSD

We could not have accomplished this without our member hosts and the hard working site coordinators:

Acme Safety & Supply Corp. - 20 pints
AGC - 28 pints
Balfour Beatty - 25 pints
Countywide Mechanical - 30 pints
Dynalectric Co. - 49 pints
Erickson-Hall (Escondido) - 63 pints
Erickson-Hall (Riverside) via LifeStream Blood Bank - 22 pints
Mack Packaging - 24 pints
Oldcastle Infrastructure - 22 pints
Sherwood Mechanical - 41 pints
Sundt Construction - 43 pints
Swinerton - 33 pints
TC Construction Co. - 79 pints
Turner Construction - 36 pints

The AGC Blood Drive helped touch the lives of over 1,500 people!

If your company is interested in hosting next year during the week of July 12, 2021, please contact Marcy Knopman, AGC staff Blood Drive Coordinator.


Thank you to our host locations and donors.

You can still donate at the San Diego Blood Bank donation centers using the code "AGCS" to have a donation count toward this blood drive.

AGC Construction Industry-wide Blood Drive

Blood Drive Results - AGC Exceeds its Goal of 600 Pints and Named the 3rd Largest Blood Drive in the County

Thank you to all the AGC member hosts/site coordinators, and all those who took the time to donate to this year's AGC Blood Drive. We had media coverage promoting AGC's 5-day Drive on a few local news channels.

Here are the results: 618 PINTS COLLECTED = 1,854 LIVES SAVED

Sherwood Mechanical – 34 pints
Dynalectric – 37 pints
Oldcastle Infrastructure – 25 pints
Sundt Construction – 41 pints
Erickson-Hall - Garden Grove – 19 pints
Acme Safety & Supply Corp. – 21 pints
Countywide Mechanical - 31 pints
Erickson-Hall - Riverside – 36 pints
Hawthorne Cat – 33 pints
Soltek Pacific – 31 pints
Mack Packaging – 22 pints
Balfour Beatty Construction – 24 pints
Erickson-Hall Construction Co. – 103 pints
PeopleReady Skilled Trades – 24 pints
Swinerton – 34 pints
TC Construction Co. – 81 pints
Hensel Phelps – 22 pints

July 13-17, 2020

If your company would be interested in hosting next year, please contact Marcy Knopman, AGC's Blood Drive Coordinator at (858) 731-8162.

2018 Blood Drive = 574 PINTS COLLECTED = 1,722 LIVES SAVED!

AGC's Build & Serve Charitable Alliance held its Annual 4-Day Construction Industry-wide Blood Drive throughout the County July 9-12, 2018 with an additional blood drive on July 28. The San Diego Blood Bank's supplies are usually low after the July 4th holiday, so AGC schedules its drive during this time to replenish the diminished supply.

AGC's Blood Drive is the 4th largest drive in San Diego County thanks to the construction industry's support! The total pints collected were 574 pints (179 were first time donors)....this will touch the lives of at least 1,722 people in one day. To all the donors who took the time out of their schedule to donate blood...we thank you for your gift of life!

Erickson-Hall Construction Co. - 68 pints collected
TC Construction - 64 pints collected
Hensel Phelps - 51 pints collected
Erickson-Hall (Riverside location) - 43 pints collected
Soltek Pacific - 39 pints collected
Dynalectric - 36 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical - 36 pints collected
Sundt Construction - 35 pints collected
Balfour Beatty - 33 pints collected
Swinerton - 28 pints collected
Helix Electric - 27 pints collected
Acme Safety & Supply Corp. - 26 pints collected
Oldcastle Precast - 25 pints collected
RQ Construction, LLC - 24 pints collected
Hawthorne Cat - 20 pints collected
Countywide Mechanical - 19 pints collected

photo gallery

Safety Training

2017 Blood Drive = 525 PINTS COLLECTED = 1,560 LIVES SAVED!

Acme Safety & Supply Corp. = 28 pints collected
Balfour Beatty Construction = 31 pints collected
Dynalectric Co. = 33 pints collected
Erickson-Hall Construction Co. = 108 pints collected
Flatiron = 5 pints collected
Hawthorne Cat = 12 pints collected
Helix Electric, Inc. = 34 pints collected
Oldcastle Precast = 21 pints collected
RQ Construction, LLC = 45 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical, Inc. = 27 pints collected
Soltek Pacific = 36 pints collected
Sundt Construction = 32 pints collected
Swinerton = 26 pints collected
Turner Construction = 33 pints collected



Safety Training

2016 Blood Drive = 451 PINTS COLLECTED = 1353 LIVES SAVED!

Acme Safety & Supply Corp. = 19 pints collected
Balfour Beatty Construction = 35 pints collected
Dynalectric Co. = 35 pints collected
Erickson-Hall Construction Co. = 92 pints collected
Helix Electric, Inc. = 42 pints collected
PRAVA Construction Services = 27 pints collected
RQ Construction, LLC = 40 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical, Inc. = 36 pints collected
Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs = 16 pints collected
Swinerton = 24 pints collected
TC Construction = 47 pints collected
Turner Construction = 38 pints collected


Safety Training

2015 Blood Drive = 380 PINTS COLLECTED = 1140 LIVES SAVED!

Acme Safety & Supply Corp. = 29 pints collected
Balfour Beaty Construction = 28 pints collected
Cement Cutting, Inc. = 15 pints collected
Dynalectric Company = 34 pints collected
Erickson Hall Construction Co. = 64 pints collected
Helix Electric, Inc. = 47 pints collected
PRAVA Construction Services, Inc. = 43 pints collected
RQ Construction, LLC = 44 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical, Inc. = 29 pints collected
TC Construction Co., Inc. = 47 pints collected



Safety Training

2014 Blood Drive = 326 PINTS COLLECTED = 978 LIVES SAVED!

July 9-10, 2014 - AGC San Diego Chapter's Construction Industry-wide Blood Drive breaks the record! This year's Blood Drive exceeded all expectations. After a two-day effort, a record 326 pints were collected. To put this in perspective, San Diego County hospitals use about 350 pints per day, so the 2014 AGC Blood Drive collected about 93% of the total blood needed for the county for one day.

Here are the results:

Day 1

Acme Safety & Supply (National City) = 28 pints collected
Erickson-Hall Construction Co. (Escondido)- 28 pints collected
Gerdau Reinforcing Steel (Serra Mesa) = 23 pints collected
PRAVA Construction Services (Carlsbad) - 31 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical (Sorrento Valley) = 34 pints collected

Day 2

Dynalectric (Kearny Mesa) = 30 pints collected
Erickson-Hall Construction (Escondido) = 39 pints collected
Helix Electric (Mira Mesa) = 36 pints collected
RQ Construction (Carlsbad) = 30 pints collected
TC Construction (Santee) = 47 pints collected




VIDEO: The Journey of a Precious Gift

Safety Training

2013 Blood Drive = 230 PINTS COLLECTED = 690 LIVES SAVED!

July 13, 2013 - AGC's Build & Serve Committee's 3rd Annual Blood Drive was held on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at seven various locations around the county. AGC member companies who graciously hosted a blood mobile in their parking lot/meeting room were: Acme Safety & Supply Corp; Erickson-Hall Construction; Helix Electric, Inc.' PRAVA Construction Services, Inc.; RQ Construction, LLC; Sherwood Mechanical; and TC Construction Co., Inc.

Over 200 donors participated in the Blood Drive, yielding 230 pints collected; an all time record. In 2011, 143 pints were collected, and in 2012, 174 pints were collected. The Blood Bank thanked AGC for its effort, and commented that the July 4th weekend is a crucial time when the blood bank needs a sufficient supply of blood due to many accidents that occur over the holiday.

Here are the results:

Acme Safety & Supply Corp = 20 pints collected
Erickson-Hall Construction = 43 pints collected
Helix Electric, Inc. = 34 pints collected
PRAVA Construction Services, Inc. = 32 pints collected
RQ Construction, LLC = 26 pints collected
Sherwood Mechanical - 29 pints collected
TC Construction = 46 pints collected

blood drive



Safety Training Safety Training

2012 Blood Drive = 176 PINTS COLLECTED = 528 LIVES SAVED!

August 28, 2012 - The San Diego Blood Bank was very pleased with the results of the Build & Serves 2nd Annual Blood Drive, and congratulated AGC for another successful Drive. Much of the success was due to the many people involved, especially the Site Coordinators at each location who signed up their employees, made phone calls and sent emails to their subs/vendors, supplied snacks and beverages for all the donors, and were driven to beat last year's numbers. There were 5 locations throughout San Diego County that members could choose to donate blood.   Flatiron- collected 22 pints - Site Coordinator: Tina McGilvery; RQ Construction collected 28 pints- Site Coordinators: Don Rogers, Katy Steidl, and Caroline Trevor; Sherwood Mechanical collected 34 pints - Site Coordinator: Bob Bridges; Soltek Pacific  collected 31 pints - Site Coordinator:  Dave Carlin; TC Construction collected 61 pints - Site Coordinator: Sandy Weeks  The following committee members volunteered their time assisting at one of the sites:   Pam Scholefield, Scholefield Construction Law; Glenn Torrez, PRAVA Construction; Monty Wilde, Angus Asphalt; Gina O'Malley, Allied Industries; and Jamie Frye, Sundt Construction.


Press Release - San Diego Blood Bank


Safety Training Safety Training

2011 Blood Drive = 143 PINTS COLLECTED = 429 LIVES SAVED!

August 30, 2011- The AGC’s Build & Serve Committee chose as one of their charitable projects, a city-wide Blood Drive on August 30th in partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank.  Build & Serve’s tenet is to provide a venue for AGC members to “give back” to the community. AGC members gave back in a big way…they gave the gift of life! Co-Chairs Dave Carlin, Soltek Pacific, and Pam Scholefield, Scholefield Construction Law were pleased with the results. "The summer months are a critical time to hold a blood drive, and the construction industry's outpouring of support was tremendous."  The Blood Drive was held simultaneously at four locations: AGC offices (35 pints collected), Prava Construction (37 pints collected), T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc., (31 pints collected), and TC Construction Co. Inc. (37 pints collected) (Terry Cameron pictured).  The 143 pints collected represent about 40% of the daily needs at the San Diego Blood Bank.  At each site, there were Site Coordinators who organized everything for the Blood Drive at their respective locations; Chris Klemaske, T.B. Penick & Sons; Sandy Weeks, TC Construction; and Glenn Torrez, PRAVA Construction