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The 2018 Scholarship Program

The EGCA Foundation Board Inc. are charged with the perpetuation of various annual industry college/education scholarships. We are proud to continue this scholarshipprogram; established by the Engineering & General Contractors Association (EGCA) of San Diego, with their members' generous support.

The Purpose of EGCA's Scholarship Program:

      • Community Benefit-available to EGCC members, their employees, and the community in an effort to enhance the educational level of the greater community.
      • Create Qualified Local Talent and Future Leaders, with maximum assistance to those who wish to enter the construction industry and related fields.
      • Honor the contributions of significant local Industry Leaders-to inspire the greater community with reminders of past leaders who exemplify good citizenship and stewardship.

The Five Scholarships

      • SDSU – Students Enrolled In SDSU's J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering & Management Program
        • Up to three $3,000 scholarships offered to students currently enrolled in or who have applied to and been accepted in San Diego State University's J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering and Management Program.
      • Palomar College Students Enrolled In The Diesel Technology Associates Degree Program
        • Two $1,500 scholarships offered to Palmoar College students enrolled in the Palomar College Diesel Technology Associates Degree Program.
        • Click here for the application

Please refer to the appropriate Scholarship Application for instructions and additional eligibility requirements.

EGCA Foundation Logo
EGCA Foundation Inc.
6212 Ferris Square
San Diego, CA 92121

Ph: 858-558-7444 ext. 112
Fax: 858-558-8444
Mike McManus